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Ways We Can Work Together

1:1 Coaching

Focus on what you want to achieve with one on one coaching.

Group Coaching

Join me at one of my workshops to learn more!

Life Boost

A mini-course to help make the most of your unique qualities.

The Community

Join me in my free Facebook Group and learn from our growing community.

1:1 Coaching

Working with me 1:1 gives you the best opportunity to impact on your life. You will undoubtedly feel more confident, more self-assured and more positive. Not only that, you will have made leaps and bounds towards improving an area of your life so that it drastically improves.

Want that new job? We will work together so that you sweep away the blocks that could be stopping you and you will stride in there with renewed belief in yourself!

Want to take more control of your time? We will explore the multitude of possibilities open to you and you will take your life by the horns and live it the best that you can!

Need someone to help you talk through the jumble that is in your head? We will tease out the threads so that you can prioritise and focus one step at a time.

1:1 sessions allow me to really get to know you so that I can guide you in the best possible way towards a brighter future. We will work in partnership through the weeks and as you gain confidence and start to see life more clearly, you take control and the new empowered you takes off. It’s the best!

You will invest in a six session package that includes:


6 x 45-60 minute phone, Skype or in-person sessions with me


Unlimited email access


An initial intake session to discuss any questions that you may have


Additional activities to undertake during our time together (if you want!)

These sessions are about you, your goals and your life. You deserve to invest in yourself.

Are you ready to be a better version of you? Because I can’t wait to get started!


Here’s a little information about what to expect at one of my workshops.

Firstly, and most importantly, although there’ll be a group of us, I’ll coach you ‘blind’.  This means that you can share as much (or as little) with the group as you like.  You can choose to do all of your ‘thinking’ privately on your worksheets or you can choose to bounce ideas off the others.  It’s entirely up to you – no pressure.

In the meeting room at the Fire Station, you’ll meet other people who are just like you.  They’re also wondering what to do and where to go next in their lives.  They’re looking for inspiration, encouragement and support, just like you.  Their stories will be familiar to you and I’ve found that the support and encouragement that people have given and received at these workshops is a key element of their success.

In the hour and a half that we’re all together, we’ll go through a structured coaching process.  I’ve created this process specifically for my workshops and it works really well.


Reflect on what brought to the workshop


Identify things that are important to you


Get some clarity on area of your life in which you could make changes


Understand how the things you do and the choices you make are OK


Gain confidence that the ideas in your head are valid and worthy


Explore how you could use your strengths to move forward in a chosen area


Go away with a sense of purpose having set a vision, a goal and way forward

“Thank you Sue for a very informative workshop. I had debated for a while about attending as I was very nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. I really shouldn’t have worried at all. You were very welcoming and the other attendees were all lovely.   You used visual displays which I found really helped to understand the best way to move my life forward.  The venue was nice as it was not too big and daunting, and straight forward to find.  For anybody who has not tried coaching before, I would recommend attending a workshop to see if you would benefit from 1-1 sessions”


Life Boost

A series of videos and downloads designed to study what really makes you tick and what makes you unique. At the end of the video series, you will work with me via Skype or phone to take the bundle of fabness that is you and make sure that you are using your skills strengths and values to make your future the best it can be.

Section 1 – Values and Strengths

In this section you will think about what Values you hold and how they affect the decisions that you make in life. You will also spend time thinking about your strengths as a person and in a team and how these can be used to maximise your future potential.

When we work together, you will see how these have shaped your life so far and how recognising these will make your future more successful and happy

Section 2 – Personality Type

You will find out what type of personality you are and you will also begin to understand why you get on with some people more than others. You will discover how you learn best and use this to your advantage.

In our 1:1 session you will see how you can use this to your advantage and how you can get along better with everyone.

Section 3 – Time Hop

This will transport you into the future (metaphorically – I’m good but not that good…). With the benefit of endless possibilities at your fingertips, how will your life pan out? How successful and happy will you be looking back on your life and your achievements? Now back to the present, what can you do to make that future a reality?

In our 1:1 sessions we will look at the future that you want and how we can go about creating that reality, starting today.-


If you want to have a more informal interaction, my Facebook group How About We Make It Today? is for you.

Motivational and Inspirational quotes plus discussions to make your life happy and positive are on the menu. I’m there to chat and it’s a great way to share and digest what like-minded people are up to.

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