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“I found Sue very easy to talk to!”

She really helped me identify my long term goal and, with great patience, she has helped me take all the steps necessary to reach my goal.  Sue has challenged my way of thinking and in doing so has made me realise that by thinking more positively, I can achieve more.

I would like to thank Sue very much for all her help.


“These sessions have literally changed my life!”

I have been trying to give more time to myself and my husband but have always felt guilty about it.

With Sue’s help, the sessions made me realise that this goal was not selfish but a realistic target for me to achieve.  Sue always helped me to set realistic goals and reminded me to keep my target in mind when I was doubting myself.

I cannot thank Sue enough – I feel as though an enormous weight has been lifted from my shoulders.



I started to work with Sue in the summer of 2016, whilst going through a prolonged and acrimonious divorce. I needed some support to make decisions about my future and having met Sue, felt immediately comfortable to share some very private and painful information.

Sue was always very positive and supportive but also challenging. She created a safe atmosphere in which she asked challenging questions and also allowed me time to consider my responses. She was never judgemental. She listened very carefully and remembered small details that I sometimes had forgotten we had talked about. Although I felt very anxious when I started working with her, by the end of the sessions I looked forward to our phone calls.



I came to Sue with the aim of leaving my 9-5 job and starting my own online business.  I had lots and lots of ideas but no real clear way forward.  By the end of my first session with Sue, I knew she was the right choice to guide me.  She made me really think about what motivated me as well as what was important to me and she started me on the road to success.

Over the next few sessions, she asked probing questions which enabled me to lay out a crystal clear set of goals and create my pathway to achieving them.  Sue was extremely careful to make sure that she never put her ideas into my head, rather she brought life to my own ideas by guiding me through each session with professionalism and care.

My business boomed and this month I made the leap to self-employment.  I could not have done this as quickly without Sue.  If you want to make a change in your life, I cannot recommend Sue highly enough!”

– Sally

“Sue is a brilliantly empathetic and supportive coach.”

She has helped me in a number of different areas by asking questions to uncover my motivation and by enabling me to be precise about my goals and how to achieve them.

Sue is a highly intelligent, energetic and insightful coach.  I have felt at ease talking to her and I know that she listens carefully.  She is purposeful in challenging me when I have expressed fears or doubts and I feel stronger and more purposeful as a result of our coaching sessions.

I am very grateful to Sue for the time we have shared and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.


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